The Utah Court Reporters Association (UCRA) was formed to establish and maintain a high standard of proficiency in the profession of court reporting.

The UCRA assists Utah’s highly trained professional Court Reporters to continue to educate themselves to meet national and state requirements, as well as to keep abreast of the business, legal and technological environment.

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UCRA is actively pursuing possibilities that may be available to us in legislation to define the role of the court reporter in the courtroom and in the judicial arena. We are going to need the support of every court reporter in Utah to make this happen. We will need all of your input as well as time commitments in grass-roots lobbying and personal visits with our senators and representatives. We also need each of you that are not presently a registered member of UCRA to join today. Numbers matter in politics, and the more constituents we represent, the louder our voice will be.

On a national level there has been much concern about apathy in our profession. Reporters don’t get involved and expect others to secure their future. As we’ve seen here in Utah, our world can change without any perceived notice, and change it has. The ball is rolling now, and not in a good direction. Now is the time to stop that ball, or at least be involved in the direction it rolls. If we miss this opportunity, we may never get another. The UCRA board can’t do this alone. We need EVERY ONE OF YOU TO GET INVOLVED.

Contact us today and let us know how you can assist us in our efforts to continue to serve the legal community of Utah as the guardians of the record.

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