UCRA President’s Message

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rockieA method of recording speech by using machines became commercially feasible around 1906, when the Stenotype machine was invented by Ward Stone Ireland, an American stenographer and court reporter. Since those early years, the profession of court reporting has continually evolved with technology and ingenuity.

I was in a deposition not long ago where an admirer of our profession expressed amazement and awe at our skill and what we do to capture the spoken word. This was certainly not the first time that has happened to me and I’m sure each of my fellow reporters have had similar experiences. We truly do have a rewarding profession and we have worked hard to develop amazing skills. Our profession has the right amount of challenge and compensation to have attracted us to the profession in the first place, and keeps us engaged today.

I compliment each of you, my colleagues, for your hard work and dedication to provide a service that is imperative to our system of justice in America. I would also invite you to volunteer to serve your association. Get involved to serve on a committee or to be a board member. Pay your dues each year and attend our seminars as often as you can so that you can stay informed with the current issues of our profession and support initiatives that will further protect it.

Rockie E. Dustin, CSR, RPR
UCRA President