January 2010 – Newsletter

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UCRA Connection

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Presidents's Message - Debbie DibbleWow, it’s almost November, (Yeah, this article is a little old) and I’m about to officially be a year older . . . 26! (teehee) Isn’t it funny to look back and remember the days when another birthday was an exciting thing? Much like it’s a lot more fun to look back and remember when court reporters ruled in the world of voice-to-text? Well, we’ve been fighting for our lives every day we’re on the job lately, and it’s time consuming and energy sapping. Just the uncertainty of how we’re going to be treated when we walk in the courtroom puts fear into the heart of the bravest, court-savvy reporter. But the fight must go on, and the board is working our little brains out trying to find and fill every possible opportunity we can to remind those that may have forgotten that — COURT REPORTERS RULE! — and that we still are the best at what we do. The board has been absolutely amazed at the response we’ve seen from our member reporters when we’ve sent out the call for help, whether it beat conventions, to help with the NCRA test, or to attend UCRA -hosted seminars. As I have visited with reporters and firm owners about the decisions we are making and the road we’re on, I have been warmly welcomed into their offices and homes, and am so impressed with the caliber of reporters in the state of Utah who are willing to get involved and participate — without interfirm boundaries — in the welfare of our profession as a whole.

Our booth at the Utah Association for Justice (f/k/a the Utah Trial Lawyers’ Association) was AWESOME!! Our booth was professional, eye-catching, informative, and we got a LOT of attention from our bar friends. Our location was absolutely the primest real estate in the vendor area, and we had a great time reestablishing contacts. Perhaps it was because we weren’t “selling” anything, but merely reminding them of our past relationship and renewing loyalties they were so receptive to us. It was all I had hoped it would be.

We were excited that the mock depositions went forward with court reporters providing — pro bono — the official record. Another opportunity for new lawyers to understand the place of a court reporter before they have a chance to think that recording is their only — and best — option . . . NOT!!

As a board, we are continuing to pursue the options and avenues we have to respond to the decisions that have been made in the legal arena. As we have investigated the need for legislative changes, we have had to face the harsh reality that the board really doesn’t have present funds to wage that battle, particularly at this time when the political powers are not listening to us. We’ve decided we would just be throwing our money to the wind at this time, and then later, when we have more favorable winds, we will have wasted our resources during the storm. But have no fear, that’s not shutting us down.

So the road is rough, and I’m aging rapidly . . . oh, you already knew that!! . . . but the fight goes on, and fight we will. As we are now at membership renewal time, please seriously consider joining UCRA. As you contemplate what other places you could put that $, think about what that $100 will do for you as UCRA continues to pour its heart and soul into maintaining this wonderful profession for us in any way they can. I can guarantee you, you get 100% plus out of your investment from the commitment and efforts of your board Merry Christmasmembers. There is no better place you could “invest” those dollars. Every day you continue to work as a court reporter, you make that money back with interest. One or two hours a year covers that expense, and the rest are dividends paid directly to you. UCRA and this profession are worth your dues dollars, and we need you if we are to continue to have the resources we need to make court reporting in Utah the best it can be.

Please call me if you have any ideas, or input, or would like to help UCRA in any way. I’ll keep sending my “UCRA alerts” so you’ll know what’s going on! We have amazing reporters in Utah, and if we all stand together we can help determine what our future looks like!

2010 Reporter Value Seminar


Financial Fun Day                                                             Renee Stacy

Our Financial Fun Day seminar was held on October 10, 2009 in Pleasant Grove, Utah. Kerry Sorensen, CSR, RPR, arranged for and hosted the seminar.

We had 16 attendees and a total of five different speakers on the topic of investing.

We learned about different types of investments and the pros and cons of each type.

We should be saving 10 percent of our gross income and we should pay ourselves first!

Save 10 Percent

We should have an emergency fund of three months’ worth of fixed expenses for ready access; a midterm fund, which should be double the amount of the emergency fund; and long term funds, such as IRAs, 401k’s, et cetera, for retirement.

We also learned about the Rule of 72: Divide 72 by the interest rate you’re earning and the quotient is how many years it will take to double your money.

This was a very interesting and informative seminar, with food provided by Zupas, (arranged by Brenda Mackay) which was extraordinary!

Hope to see you at our next “fun” activity.

UCRA 2010 Convention

November NCRA Testing                                                             Debbie Dibble

A HUGE thank you to Sue Warnick for taking over the NCRA testing here in Utah, and to her wonderful volunteers; Tammy Siebert, Ariel Mumma, Judy Holdeman, Rossann Morgan, Debbie Dibble, and Susan Sprouse. There were a few bugs for the new team to iron out, but we’re optimistic that May’s test will be as smooth as a baby’s bottom. (without diaper rash, of course). We are truly grateful to those that sacrificed their time on a Saturday to spend helping others in their efforts to become certified and improve themselves. One candidate said, after an apology for a few of the kinks we faced that first Congratulations to Reneemorning with a new volunteer team, “I’m just grateful there are people willing to do this, and am willing to be patient while they get up to speed. Without them, I would have to go to the effort and expense to travel out of state to take this test, which would make it so much harder than it already is. Thank you to the volunteers.”

Some of you may not know that UCRA funds the expenses of the venue and the sound system with no reimbursement from NCRA for sponsoring the test. How Can You HelpJust another example of how your dues dollars serve our profession. Sue donated the sound equipment this year and it was FABULOUS!

So, once again, a huge amount of gratitude to those that spent so much time preparing and setting up, and then sharing an entire day of their time to serve our profession!!