Court Reporter Reference: – NCRA Website – The Search Engine For Court Reporters & Scopists – Court Reporter reference – Jobs, Agencies and more

Court: – Utah State Courts

CART and Captioning – Closed Captioning Web – Cart Providers and FAQ’s

Dictionary: – Merriam Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary – Translating Dictionaries
www.onelook.comĀ – Dictionary Search

Government: – State and Local Governments

Law: – Utah Bar Association – The lawyer locator – Rominger Legal Information – United States Congress – World Wide Web Virtual Library

Medical: – The internet drug index – Medical transcription terminology – Glossary of Chiropractic Terms – Medical abbreviations – Health and medicine information – Dental Definitions For The Non-Dentist

Miscellaneous: – List of Military Bases Worldwide

Religion: – Glossary of Islamic terms – Scientology and Dianetics glossary

Slang: – Compiling words that people may use all the time that aren’t in a normal dictionary. Includes slang, webspeak, and colloquialisms – Drug Slang

Schools: – American school directory – Directory of college, university, and community college
websites in the US and Canada. Lists over 3000 schools by state or province. – Search over 7,500 colleges and universities

Telephone: – Free directory service with residential, business, and government white and yellow pages listings, including “Reverse Lookup”! – International white and yellow pages – Domestic white and yellow pages

Thesaurus: – Free online Roget’s Thesaurus of English words and phrases